Why CrossFit?

Why is CrossFit seem to so suddenly get so popular?

While CrossFit has really taken off in popularity in the past few year, thanks a lot to more mass media attention with televised and live streamed CrossFit Games Competitions; CrossFit was actually conceived in 1996.

CrossFit has become so popular primarily as a result of it’s participants evangelism.  For anyone that has tried to get in shape, elevate your level of fitness, or stay consistent with a rigorous exercise regimen; you know that boredom with that routine is one of the main enemies to sustained consistency.  The fact that CrossFit has a varied and diverse workout regimen as a fundamental part of it’s philosophy makes it both effective and engaging.

Not only are the core principles of CrossFit’s WOD (Workout of the Day) engaging and boredom busting but it’s also immensely challenging.  You’ll find that you’re doing things that you never though you’d be able to do.  All along this journey there are a group of fellow CrossFitters that are urging you along, supporting you, encouraging you, and pushing themselves along with you.

CrossFit can be life changing

I know it sounds like hyperbole but in more ways than one, CrossFit can become such a core lifestyle element and the physical and mental results so dramatic that it’s changed many CrossFitters’ lives.

On the surface WODs exercises are based on functional strength and improve your daily life performance and quality of living more than traditional running and weightlifting regimens.  CrossFitters find that they’re better able to keep up with their youngsters, continue recreational sports without injury, and do around the house chores and projects with little physical effort (and without days or weeks of soreness).

If you look deeper, you’ll find that regularly pushing yourself to and past your former limits has mental and spiritual benefits that go way, way far beyond the physical benefits.  One of our favorite interviews, Christmas Abbott (don’t you just love her name? 😀 🌲) talked to us about how CrossFit transformed her life.

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“I decided to make a better decision. I decided to quit smoking. I decided to work out and I discovered fitness and health and wellness. That became my new addiction,”

– Christmas Abbott

The moment that Christmas realized she was capable of achieving a state of health; she started with the realization that she had positive power. She was able to commit herself to a 30 day regimen. For 20 minutes a day, three times a week, Christmas would work out on an elliptical. “This was like my gateway drug to fitness.   From there Christmas eventually found CrossFit and her fitness life and new professional life was off to the races.

Rekindling your Competitiveness

For many lifelong and former athletes the thrill and the energy of chasing competitive goals is something that they sorely miss (and long for 🤔 ⏳) .  Most fitness programs don’t incorporate competition other than competing with oneself for goals that you set for yourself.  One of the great benefits of CrossFit is that you have the opportunity to compete.  If you don’t know much about CrossFit you probably automatically think about the televised regional and national CrossFit competitions that you see on television but most CrossFit gyms host local competitions that amateur athletes can compete in within a competitive but also supportive environment.

As an athlete, competitiveness is in Noah’s blood. So, it’s no surprise that when Noah got into CrossFit, competing was shortly to follow – Noah Ohlsen

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Competing in local competitions gives you goals to shoot for and motivation to keep improving.  It’s amazing how the thrill and the energy of competition can energize you and make what would seem like a chore, something that you really look forward to doing.

Internal Growth

Sometimes it’s not all about the physique and looking all “swole” 💪🏼

Your physical, mental, and spiritual health and life are all intertwined.  What effects one aspect of your life effects the other aspects (many times in ways that aren’t immediately obvious).  Surprising yourself by surpassing what you previously thought were your limits will undoubtedly elevated your confidence which effects your presence in all situations which can elevate your lifestyle, and so on and so on…..

Austin Oneal talked to us about how breaking previous perceived barriers has affected his life.

“Seeing how far I can push myself beyond what I thought was possible and then inspiring others to do the same has been the biggest reward. I love looking back at old scores of workout and seeing how far I’ve come to get where I am now.”

-Austin Oneal

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CrossFit can connect you with amazing group of new friends with similar interests

The fact that CrossFit WODs are done in a group is one of it’s special attributes.  The likelihood that another person that voluntarily pays and consistently shows up for a hyper-challenging workout in a group of like-minded individuals greatly increases the likelihood that they will have something in common with you too 🤯.

No seriously, you’re highly likely to find that you’ll show up over and over again not only to stay strong, fit, great looking, and to chase the leaderboard of gains… but also to catch up with a group of friends.

“All the amazing people I now have in my life as a direct result of CrossFit is also pretty amazing 🙂 I have a great group of friends that are incredibly supportive,” Katrina Leone

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