Tameika Gentles’ Guide to a Healthy Lifestyle

SWEAT by SlimClip Case 1653305372154474429-800x800 Tameika Gentles' Guide to a Healthy Lifestyle  Achieving health and fitness doesn’t just happen overnight. It’s a process! That’s why many people seek the help of a trainer. Tameika Gentles has helped people all over the world achieve their fitness goals. Her main mission is to teach people how to achieve a sustainable, healthy, and fulfilled lifestyle. Check out some of the ways she has led others to a healthy lifestyle and how she can also help you!

I build customized plans for people that work – long term. I offer online meal and fitness plans and virtual coaching.

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I also run a blog and an active social media account that helps to positively influence others

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I run health retreats. People come to exotic places around the world for a one week healthy lifestyle retreat

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In 2018, I plan to offer online resources that can also help people achieve their goals, including e-books and e-courses.