Auguste’s Running Tips

Running Tips

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Running is a great form of exercise that we don’t get to talk about often enough. Not only is it a great way to stay fit, but it is also a fun hobby and a stress reliever. While running can have great benefits, it is important to perform the proper techniques when going for a run.

Auguste Augustinaite is certainly no stranger to running, therefore he has offered to shed some light on key techniques when it comes to running. Check out these tips!

Always stretch. I stretch before and after every workout and never had any serious injury. Also, feel your body. Don’t stress too much when you feel bad and push yourself when you’re full of energy.

Auguste’s Running Tips

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To keep runs interesting… If you are running a lot it’s only natural that it can get boring. I believe it’s really good to change running routes as often as you can. When I run at home, I try to change at least part of my route. It creates a little challenge for the brain and makes time go faster. When I travel or just go somewhere, let’s say, to my parents’ house or another city, I always take my running shoes with me. Running in different places washes away the routine and gives extra joy. Moreover, gamify your training. For example, going outside when it’s snowing or raining seems like a game to me: my running route is the playground, icy paths, and water puddles are like obstacles and there are many bonus points falling from the sky, haha. Make it fun, turn on your imagination. Finally, don’t forget to challenge yourself. Have a goal you want to achieve, track your progress. When you see you are improving it never gets boring.


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Speaking about breakthrough plateaus, the most important thing is to understand that it’s natural. There are ups and downs in all fields, in running and fitness as well. Learn to tolerate it because it’s a normal part of your year-round cycle. Make long term goals. Adjust your goals if they are inadequate. Change your routine, for instance, mix in a day of sprints rather than just regular runs. Just try something new and tolerate breakthrough plateau as part of the process.

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