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For Isabel Del Barrio, fitness has always played an important role along with being an educator. It then dawned on Isabel, why not combine the two. “I decided to quit the private company I was working for and open a window through my website and social media. So many things have changed regarding the fitness industry, wellness concepts, and sports in our society since I have begun. Everyone who knows me has always seen me connected to the fitness industry and sports; I mean, for me, it’s not something new. However, I decided to create a space where I share my knowledge, experiences and the aim to motivate people to train and get an active style to improve their lives. I find myself doing better and doing what I´ve always loved. (I started in the Fitness industry in the late 90´s after my ballet career, but it was complementary to my University studies and later my professional jobs in Marketing market).

 I feel much better and more confident. I love to share what I do and what I´ve overcome with others. I want to inspire and help people to be better through sports and an active lifestyle,” Isabel explains.

Always Active

Isabel has always been an active person. Throughout her childhood, Isabel was a great ballet dancer. She eventually had to put aside her ballet flats and pick up her books. She went off to school and began her studies, but, that didn’t stop her from chasing physical activities. “I was a ballet dancer until I started the university at the age of 18. It was at that moment, I jumped for the first time into a gym and started practicing fitness, aerobics, and Less Mills programs. I fell in love with working out and started a journey of continuous education in the fitness industry. I began getting training certifications and participating in training, courses, workshops and so on. Recently, I´ve just finished a University Specialist Post graduate Program in Personal Training. I even went on to start teaching aerobics and Body pump and body Combat in London while studying in my Erasmus University Program. It was very challenging.

I love to share my passion with people and help them to achieve their goals, improve their lives and create a good environment in my classes. That´s how I started 17 years ago. At first it was like a hobby while studying and working, however, it made me feel so well. I knew I would like to start my way of living by this side,” Isabel says.


With the more risks you take, the more challenges you’ll probably come across. However, it is highly important to figure out the right approach to overcome any obstacle that may be thrown at you. Isabel has had her share of issues but has remained confident in her ability to sort out solutions. “I have come across many obstacles along my journey. For one, quitting a job, after two University degrees and professional experience to jump into something new was difficult. This was especially difficult because I didn’t know how it was going to be, but it was certainly worth the risk. I am happy that I mustered the courage to pursue my passion.

Secondly, in past years, managing all that I´m creating, my gym classes, personal training, university courses and for sure, my triathlon training was quite complicated sometimes. It required almost 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Sometimes it´s hard to organize the schedule to get everything done well and have the time to spend quality time with my family and boyfriend. However, I have become very systematic in how I handle my schedule and with time I became much better at time management.

In sports, the biggest obstacle has been beating my fears inside when facing big triathlon challenges, especially in long distance courses. Even today, I’m so nervous before triathlon competitions. That mental training is quite difficult too, but I always manage to gather myself to compete.

To face all the problems or hard times, I try to look for a calm space. I take just a few minutes to breathe in, forget everything bad and keep my inner-self calm. I look for the bright side of the situation. Yoga helps me so much in such processes. I feel so happy and gracious for creating what I´ve always dreamed and to have the opportunity to meet many of the followers and people I also follow on the social media channels,” Isabel describes.


Of course, the path that Isabel has chosen has brought great rewards to her life. She has been able to make many of her wildest dreams come true and has had the opportunity to inspire others along the way. “Since I began this journey with my brand and website, I´ve lived so many incredible experiences. I’ve traveled so much and I´ve had the opportunity to meet incredible people. They are really awesome and share their experiences and ask questions about how to get healthier or run better. Moreover, working for sports brands, not as influencer but as a personal trainer, is really rewarding and something I feel very proud of. Finally, with patience and effort and good work, things arrive; but we need to be patient, consistent, and work hard…like in sports and training.

One of the best things that has happened to me has been writing my first book, about running. It´s about how to train properly and all the training we need to run injury free!

Finally, something really good is all the things that I learn every day. To keep learning and improving are essential for me. I love reading people’s comments, emails, and their questions or stories. They also motivate me and push me to be a better person in some way. They are my real source of motivation, energy and fuel,” Isabel exclaims!

What three pieces of fitness equipment should everyone have?

I´m in love with mini resistance bands, TRX Suspension Trainer and a foam roller. They are portable, proper size to carry them with you in most of the travels and places, and you can create a powerful gym everywhere for really good training workouts.

In your opinion, what are the most overrated and underrated exercises?

Ummmm, I have to think. Ok. The most overrated exercises, above all in women fitness industry, are the abs crunches to get the perfect six pack (just a myth) and the squat for the glutes.

However, a good weightlifting squats and hip thrust are the perfect combination to improve the muscle development in glutes; so as, the strength training. It´s the most important part of any training program, in any context aiming for a different objective.

The stronger muscles, the better your body will burn more calorie, create good and healthy body, prevent injuries, develop bone density, among other important things.

What motivational/inspirational books have you found to be most helpful?

Last books I´ve read about mental training, sports psychology are the ones from Jim Afremov, “The Champion´s Mind” and

I love “The Peaceful Warrior”, from Dan Milman

“A life without Limits”, from Chrissie Wellington, 4-time Ironman World Champion.

And a very old one, about mindfulness that I read 10 years ago is “The Power of Now”, by Eckhart


“THANK YOU for the opportunity and letting me share my passions and more. I hope as soon as the website is ready in English this September, you get on the “On my Training Shoes” team. I want all of you on board. I wish I could make it to the US for group classes so I could be with you guys!!!” -Isabel Del Barrio

Isabel Del Barrio