Healthy Lifestyle Tips | Neda Varbanova


Neda Varbanova is a health coach. Therefore, it’s no

surprise that she has a ton of knowledge on ways to

create a healthier lifestyle.

Helping people build healthy habits is something that Neda is very passionate about and spreading her knowledge is a key part of how she does this. So if you are looking for some healthy habits to pick up on, check out this list of useful tips that Neda recommends!


  • Don’t deprive yourself too much because you may end up overeating later. For instance, if you are really craving dessert, order one, have 2-3 bites and enjoy every single one. Know that this was an indulgence and skip dessert the next night. Everything is about moderation.SWEAT by SlimClip Case moderation_header Healthy Lifestyle Tips | Neda Varbanova
  • Everyone is different and there is no one diet that is fit for everyone. It is important to understand which foods work for your body instead of focusing on a trendy diet. Just because a cookie is gluten-free doesn’t mean it is healthy.                                       SWEAT by SlimClip Case gluten-free-chocolate-chip-cookies_nmorj1 Healthy Lifestyle Tips | Neda Varbanova
  • Craving spaghetti? Try zucchini noodles with a vegan lentil bolognese. In the mood for pizza? No problem – I got you covered with this delicious low-carb cauliflower veggie pizza.SWEAT by SlimClip Case zucchininudeln-mit-tomaten-linsen-sose Healthy Lifestyle Tips | Neda Varbanova
  • Booty bands, a set of medium weights and a jumping rope are all great tools to have handy. You don’t need a gym to get a great work out in. With these three things, you can do a variety of effective workouts from the comfort of your own home.               SWEAT by SlimClip Case s-l640 Healthy Lifestyle Tips | Neda Varbanova
  • Looking for some new go-to snacks? I love Raw Rev Glo peanut butter and dark chocolate bars. They are vegan, raw, gluten-free, high in fiber and super low in net carbs and are so filling!


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