Full Body Workout w/ Melissa Zimmerman

SWEAT by SlimClip Case 1570542624988678336-800x800 Full Body Workout w/ Melissa Zimmerman workout fitness exercise  Looking for a new full body workout to incorporate into your weekly rotation? Melissa Zimmerman has the answer. Check out this shoulders, abs, glutes workout that is sure to have you feeling the burn from head to toe!


warm up set of shoulder press = 20 repetitions with 5 kgs dumbells

one:  5 x 10 shoulder press

Two: 5 x 10 lateral shoulder raises

Four: 5 x 10 front raises

Full Body Workout


10 x 20 hanging leg raises

Then onto:

10 x 10 barbell squats

5 x 10 deadlifts

5 x 10 leg extentions

2 x 20 hamstring curls

4 x 10 butt blasters with ankle weights to finish