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Fitness trainer, nutritionist, and educator, Kate Horney has worked hard to balance work, family and fitness and it seems she definitely has the formula to doing so. Here at SWEAT, we are always interested in finding out just how all of the amazing people we interview, do all of the amazing things that they have accomplished. Kate was more than excited to share some of her secrets on how she finds balance, overcome obstacles and keeps her health up!

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  • Understand the hormones! Calories in vs. Calories out is NOT the whole picture when it comes to fat loss- so whether its through your training, your nutrition, or your lifestyle factors…. That 20% that you’re doing as you start out needs to be focused on keeping hormones balanced. You know that the key to sustainable fat loss comes in both a caloric deficit (that is, burning more calories than you consume) AND balanced metabolic hormones.
  • How you interpret challenges, setbacks, and criticism is your choice. You can interpret them in a negative mindset mindset as signs that your abilities are lacking. Or you can interpret them in a growth mindset as signs that you need to ramp up your strategies and effort, stretch yourself, and expand your abilities to move towards your goals. It’s up to you.  So as you face challenges, setbacks, and criticism, shifting your mindset makes all the difference.


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  • For all of the mothers out there, remember this:  Really, it comes down to either doing something or nothing…it’s your choice. It’s ok if you can’t commit to a full workout today. In fact, when you’re pregnant and exhausted, or exhausted with a new baby, some days finding just 30 minutes in a row might be impossible. That’s ok! I suggest breaking up the time into 10-minute increments – then work your way up to 20 or 30-minute sessions as you can. The key is to do SOMETHING.


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  • My top three pieces of fitness equipment that I think EVERYONE should have are:


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1.  Weights: I just love the classic look and feel of my CAP Barbell Cast Iron Hex Dumbbells. You can choose anywhere from 5 to 120 pounds, giving you just what you need for your killer BeyondFit Life workout. I love that these dumbbells feature an ultra durable cast iron finish, ensuring that it will hold up well over time even when used heavily (seriously, I’ve had mine for YEARS). Also, one advantage of the hexagon-shaped dumbbell is that it’s designed to prevent rolling when placed on the floor. This kind of dumbbell also promotes effortless storage without all that rolling around.

2.  Mat:  The Manduka mats are guaranteed to last a lifetime, and will never peel, flake, or fade, it only improves over time. I love the density and cushion that helps protect joints and provides a stable surface for both my BeyondFit Life workouts and my yoga practice. The closed cell surface also prevents sweat and dirt from absorbing into the mat, which means these yoga mats are easy to clean and good for any sweaty workouts. Check out the Manduka mats here.

3.  Foam Roller: This is great for physical therapy, before or after exercise, yoga and massage therapy. The foam muscle roller helps to relieve muscle tension and increase muscle recovery. They have three sizes available and this density is perfect for positioning, balance, postural and muscle re-education, spinal stabilization and muscle recovery. Get a foam roller.


Here are a few of my favorites when I’m on the run: