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Bikini Body

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One of the most popular workout trends of this year is the BBG movement. The BBG or Bikini Body Guide movement is a program that helps you get on the right path to achieving your body goals.  It is a three-month program. You can do it at the home or gym. You also don’t need to have any fitness knowledge before starting.

The program approach to fitness is much more than just the physical aspect. The program also works to make you feel confident and strong. BBG makes fitness and health a priority. The workouts are good for stress relief. They also increase strength and endurance. The BBG program also makes you put more emphasis on eating healthy. It makes you check the types of things you put into your body. Not only do you start to look for healthier options, but portion size comes into play as well.  The diet program focuses on reducing sugar intake and eating clean.

BBG workouts are intense, high intensity sessions. Each workout is broken down into four circuits. Each circuit last 7 minutes. Each part of the workout targets a different area. Some workouts features exercises that put emphasis on the arms. Some focus on the abs. Lastly, some focus on the legs. While the sections are sort of broken down, the workouts still exercise the whole body. It just puts more emphasis on one part of the body at a time. The BBG program also gives instructions on the types of cardio that should be done. It also gives the option to use equipment as well, thus it can be done at the gym as well.SWEAT by SlimClip Case desktop_Kayla_Books-800x349 Bikini Body Guide| Claire Maxwell

ICU nurse and fitness enthusiast, Claire Maxwell tried the BBG program and loved it. “ The first time or I should say times that I did BBG, I felt nauseous. I  would have to stop mid circuit! The struggle was real. But as time went on it became easier for me. The greatest benefit is just feeling comfortable in my own skin. Working out became a great stress reliever. My strength and endurance increased dramatically. I just felt great after finishing a good workout! Also, BBG made me check what I put in my body. I just became more aware of what I was eating, and starting looking at portion sizes as well. The combination of eating better and  working out just made me feel better. The impact was internally and externally.”

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