SWEAT by SlimClip Case 23970196_160006707850285_3026892714550493184_n Ashleigh DiLello Workout

Ashleigh DiLello, dancer & fitness pro shows us how she approaches a fitness session

I always complete a thorough dynamic warm-up where I move my body through multi-plane movements so my body and muscles are ready for my workout.

On a lower body day, I do some activation exercises: abdominal marches, piriformis glute squeeze, bird dog, plank, side plank, glute bridge.

Now I get into my workout – this is one of my Lower-body workouts from The New Thin:            

Circuit 1

  • Lateral band walks to sprawl squat, overhead press (2 lateral walks & then sprawl squat with DB overhead press): 6 each side
  • Front kick to split lunge (can do with or without a split lunge jump): 12 reps each side
  • Bandabjacks

Circuit 2

Front lunge to side lunge to curtsy lunge overhead dumbbell press: 15 reps each side (complete all reps on one side before switching)

Squat jump twist: 15 each side

Then I always end with a thorough cool-down/stretching session. I never leave the gym without doing this!