adding yoga

Adding yoga

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Staying healthy and fit is important to many of us, but do you ever just get bored of the same old workout routine? Whether it be your daily visit to the gym or your weekly set of dvd’s, doing the same exercises over and over again can be a drag. More importantly, your body will get bored as well. In that case you’ll hit your plateau and definitely wont see anymore significant improvement from that point. Once your body gets use to that routine, well it’s no longer really a workout for your body. It becomes more so like just a part of your daily routine.

Our bodies crave change and wants us to switch it up a little bit. Work out new muscles that’s not typically worked on with the routines you usually do. Find new ways to workout areas that you typically target. Fitness trainer, Dean Pohlman brings a solution to the table that everyone can should take into consideration. Add yoga as a part of your usual routine!

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The combination of adding yoga to the workouts you already perform is definitely going to give the body the change in routine its been looking for. “A regular yoga practice can complement and maximize your overall fitness goals, whether you are working out exclusively with yoga, or whether you are using it to boost your performance,” Dean says. And he’s right. While you can benefit from yoga on its own, yoga can also be a great way to amp up your current routines. Yoga works the body is a way that is very different from typical workouts. It slows the movements down and really lets your muscles feel it. At the same time, yoga also helps your body’s recovery process. It takes some of the edge off the burn you typically may feel the next day after an intense workout.

The best part about adding yoga as the factor that brings excitement to your body’s workout is that yoga is always evolving. You can always push yourself to reach new levels with yoga and learn new techniques to work your body in even more ways.

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Dean personally applies yoga to his own workout routines.



  • AM Sprints & agility worked followed by deep stretching (50 minutes total)
  • PM 45-60 minutes of yoga


  • AM Mobility work and stretching (30 minutes)
  • PM Yoga 60 minutes


  • AM Mobility & stretching (20 minutes) followed by paralletes work (45 minutes)
  • PM 30 – 45 minutes of yoga


  • AM Weights (1 x 20 program)  ~45 minutes
  • PM 30 – 45 minutes of yoga


  • AM Mobility & stretching (20 minutes)
  • PM Rest


  • AM Mobility & stretching (20 minutes), Hike (60 minutes)
  • PM Mobility & stretching 20 – 30 minutes


  • AM Lacrosse Game or Rest
  • PM mobility & stretching 45 minutes