4 Tips to Keeping Fit | Lauren Foundos

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When it comes to fitness, a key thing to remember is that it is a process. You won’t just wake up one day and be healthy and fit, you have to work towards it. Now, this doesn’t mean spend countless hours in the gym and starve yourself for a week to achieve your body goals. In fact, that is probably the quickest way to fail at maintaining your health next to do absolutely nothing. Fitness has to be a lifestyle change and takes gradual process. Set goals for yourself and take it one step at a time.


According to fitness expert Lauren Foundos, it literally takes one step at a time. The best way to reaching your fitness goals is to get moving in some way, shape or form. Whether you hit the gym, go for a run or find an active hobby you enjoy, being ACTIVE is the key.


Speaking of keys, Lauren also offered a few key pieces of advice to help anyone looking to get fit. So check out these tips and be inspired to become a better you!


Don’t wait another second, do it. There is no perfect time to start anything, just get started, period. Working out has so many positive benefits like, reducing stress, boosts your happy chemicals (endorphins), builds self-confidence, reduces cognitive decline, improves sleep, and the list goes on, so what are you waiting for?! 🙂

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You should find a workout that you enjoy, it doesn’t have to be torture. Just move.


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For someone starting out and wanting to see quick results often running has the most visible impact on your body (that is if you are trying to lean out). It depends on what your objectives are, so it’s hard to say exactly how you should start, but the one thing I know for certain is that you should just start. Doing something is always better than doing nothing


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Mindset is vital to your success, you must understand that you can control your own destiny. Whatever you spend your time thinking and believing is most likely what will become, so think positive and be patient because results do not happen overnight no matter what your are trying to achieve.

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